One of my dear friends is turned 30 a few weeks ago and had a party at a mutual friend’s house.  I decided to throw together some decor ideas for the party to give it a festive theme while still being a casual afternoon event.  Here is the look we went for.

Lindsay's 30th BirthdayFor any party thrown at someone’s home I always try to focus on a few main areas that provide impact rather than doing small things all over the inside or outside of the house.  For this particular party the color scheme was orange (the birthday girl’s favorite color), hot pink and gold.  I wrote this post before seeing our friend’s renovated back yard so we thought the following areas.

  1. Entrance (Big 3-0 Balloons or So Happy I’m 30 Balloon Sign)
  2. Bar Area (CHEERS Sequin Sign Hanging above Bar)
  3. Pinata Area- Enough said!
  4. Photobooth Area (Balloon Garland (potentially- I normally don’t like doing balloons outdoors for obvious reasons) or something easier maybe dyed fabric panels like below.

DIY photobooth backdrop

I’ll post pictures after the party with all of the finished decor!