greece for 5 days.

Remember how I mentioned I wanted to travel as one part of my New Years resolutions?  Well, I’ll be back in the Europe for the first time in over five years!  My boyfriend and I are going to be in Greece this March!  I’m so excited to visit this beautiful country and see all it has to offer.  I have always wanted to see the Greek Isles and we will be visiting Santorini and Hydra while there along with Athens!  Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m praying for warm and sunny weather but I know we will have a great time no matter what mother nature has in store!

If anyone has any tips or recommendations I would highly appreciate them!

new house to-do list.

Things have been slightly stalled lately in regards to housing updates.  We were so busy during the holidays trying to finish up things before our New Years Eve Party once it was over we needed a break.  Last week we got a jump start on a few things and finally had our new windows installed!  It makes such a huge difference I can barely believe it.  Window World out of Raleigh was so well-priced and offered a great warranty we figured it was better to hire this one out instead of doing it ourselves and I’m so glad we did.  What would have taken us weeks they did in one day and as the outside paint tested positive for lead I was happy to let the professionals take on this project.

Manor Court Events Housing UpdatesThat brings me to our insane to-do list.  It scares me, but helps keep us chipping away at all the things we need to finish.  I’ve included this list below along with some old reno pictures from around mid-September/early October.  In an effort to be open and honest I posted shots when we were in mid-reno which also, lucky me, was mid wedding season (they are scaryyyy #dontjudge).

Manor Court Events Housing UpdatesThe big projects that need to be addressed immediately are the counter tops and back splash in the kitchen along with a new mattress and bed for the master.  I’m hoping these will both be done by early April so we can then go into doing some work on the outside such as the sidewalk, paver patio, and landscaping.

Manor Court Events Housing Updates

AHHHHH!!!! (This is so bad, I cannot believe I am putting it up.  I took this shot then immediately starting picking up…)

Louisburg Proper To-Do List:


  • Paver Sidewalk
  • Paver Patio
  • Pressure wash exterior of house
  • Purchase and install new front door with window lights
  • Paint new front door
  • Install new door hardware
  • Install security system
  • New Lighting in Front (Sconces or Overhead)
  • Remove all concrete flower bed markers
  • Put out new mulch or pine straw
  • Plant new and move existing plants to better locations
  • Redo or repaint railings to entry


  • Beef up baseboards with paint and additional molding (This one makes me laugh a little, I thought this would be one of the first things we did when we moved in…)
  • Clean Carpet
  • Add panels to doors for a more custom look
  • Prime and paint doors
  • Replace windows
  • Replace Lighting


  • Paint hallway
  • Rip up old flooring and install hardwoods/laminate
  • Put up art
  • Put large scale mirror such as the Songe Mirror from Ikea behind second door (Won’t open often)

Manor Court Events Housing Updates

Living Room/Dining Room:


  • Paint paneling
  • Paint fireplace
  • Install mantle
  • Mount TV over mantle
  • Figure out solution for built-ins
  • Rip up old flooring and install hardwoods or laminate
  • Remove door
  • Replace sliding glass door with french doors
  • Install curtains

Manor Court Events Housing Updates


  • Paint walls and cabinets
  • Add molding to cabinets for a more built-in look
  • Replace appliances with stainless steel options
  • Remove storm door from outside kitchen entrance
  • Paint existing door
  • Remove vinyl sliding door from pantry nook
  • Install backsplash
  • Remove range hood and build out a new one
  • Replace windows
  • Buy breakfast nook table
  • Replace hardware on cabinets
  • Replace Lighting

Guest Bedroom:

  • Paint
  • Replace Windows
  • Install curtains
  • Work on a solution making closet doors nicer

Guest Bathroom:

  • Paint walls BM Hale Navy or Ralph Lauren’s Club Navy (Swoon!!!)
  • Clean grout
  • Determine what to do with the shower door (take out vs. clean vs. replace)
  • Redo or replace existing mirror
  • Add sconces to either side of mirror
  • Replace overhead light
  • New hardware from vanity
  • Replace toilet paper holder and towel rack (if possible!!)

Manor Court Events Housing UpdatesOffice:

  • Paint walls and all moldings
  • Figure out a solution for closet doors
  • Hang curtains
  • Buy desk and seating for the space
  • Purchase an office chair
  • Set-up desk and organize boxes from moving

Master Bedroom:

  • Paint walls and molding
  • Figure out a solution for closet doors.(Sliding door on track?!?)
  • Purchase new mattress
  • Purchase new bed (Loving this one)
  • Purchase new lamps for both night stands
  • Decide on either keeping the TV or getting rid of it (Currently it sits on the dresser)
  • Style dresser
  • Move chair from guest bedroom into the space
  • Purchase a large standing mirror for one side of the room
  • Artwork?

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