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I can’t believe I am writing this post.  After planning countless weddings for others the time has come to plan my own.  As we are now in July and I have just started getting around to blogging about my own wedding I already have my big vendors booked!

After much debate we decided to get married in the States.  Mexico was our top choice but after looking at logistics along with family members and traveling we felt hosting the wedding in the US would be a better option.  We also debated having an intimate ceremony and small reception in the US followed by the main event in Mexico but when it all came down to it, it felt like two weddings and two weddings is simply one too many!


Our final decision came down to ease with planning, a location that was on the water, and also close to our families.  We ended up choosing the South Carolina coast, North Myrtle Beach to be exact!  My parents live in North Myrtle Beach which has made planning light years easier as my mom has been able to do a lot of the appointments and relay information back to me.  With almost all of my weekends spent working weddings having her able to do some of the legwork has been wonderful!


We looked at a number of different venues in the area and finally settled on Pine Lakes Country Club.  I’m pretty sure I knew the moment we were on the property that it would be “the one”.  The venue itself is a country club but was built perfectly for hosting weddings.  The interior was designed to reflect the aesthetic of Dorothy Draper which if you’ve ever heard of or been to The Greenbrier you know is a stunning mix of preppy prints, colors and patterns.

We were dead set on having the reception indoors which luckily this venue allows.  Being a wedding planner and knowing the ins and outs of wedding days you can plan and prepare every detail of your day but mother nature is simply not one of them.  Being able to host the entire reception indoors will give me the piece of mind I need in the weeks leading up to our day!

The photos in this post are from the amazing Pasha Belman Photography who will also be photographing our wedding!  We just shot our engagement photos which I’ll be sharing very soon!

a grecian engagement.

Well that was a unexpected vacation from blogging!  Things have been very exciting since our return from Greece.  The trip was an amazing experience and we were able to see a decent amount of the country in a short time.  While there we saw Santorini, Athens, and Hydra.  I was slightly afraid of us being over scheduled which ended up being the case, three cities in six days was way too much traveling in such a short amount of time.  As we were on a tight time frame we wanted to fit in as much as possible but it ended up making us both sick and very tired.  Lesson learned!

The trip ended up being incredibly special as Chief proposed on our first day in Santorini!  The setting was so magical and the proposal was so sweet, I couldn’t have asked for anything more!

Manor Court Events In Greece

Manor Court Events In Greece

Manor Court Events In Greece

Manor Court Events In Greece

Manor Court Events In Greece Manor Court Events In GreeceManor Court Events In Greece

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