Father's-Day-Gift-Idea4My dad is probably without a doubt the hardest person to by presents for.  He has definite hobbies (gardening, reading, watching movies, writing music (although he does get paid for this so not really a hobby)).  He isn’t into fashion, doesn’t really drink a lot of booze other than Fat Tire, and likes hanging out with Richard and George my parent’s cats, plus, he has about everything he could possibly want.  Can you see my dilemma?  I mean what is there that I can buy him?  I contemplated a plant but I don’t want to drive with a hydrangea bush in my car for 3 hours.  Notable presents that he has loved in the past are a wooden cell phone holder that displays the time, a Crosby record player, and a wireless portable speaker that connects to your phone.

woodblock5So I was scrolling through Instagram the other day and came across one of my favorite Instagram photo printing sites Social Print Studio, they had the above photo display blocks on sale with delivery guaranteed by Father’s Day.  My dad loves to sit on their sun porch and read and I figured I could do the display block with some of Social Print Studio’s square prints of past vacations, Richard and George (my parent’s fur babies), me (the human baby), and some random shots that I have taken.  The photo block can sit on one of the tables on the porch and he can change out the display photo whenever he would like.  I love giving a very personal gift and I think he will love this one for a long time!  What are you giving your dad for Father’s Day?  I would love to hear some unique ideas!

photo credits: Social Print Studio

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